ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ Is Finally Out

The maximum refresh rate of most Ultra High Definition monitors is restricted to 60 Hz. This will only make you select between silky smooth gameplay and razor sharp visuals. With the ASUS ROG PG27UQ, you can enjoy the benefits of both systems. The four thousand resolution of this product is maximized up to 144 Hz.

To provide several clear colors, the monitor makes use of its traditional backlighting dimming and quantum dots. Games are highly vibrant due to the product’s HDR blacks and other amazing features. It is official that people can now buy this monitor for use.

For Clear HDR Visuals – The Product Has Enough Contrast And  Colors

The fast high dynamic range of the product comes from its quantum dots. With these dots, you will be able to get a plethora of colors that lead to smoother transitions and more vibrant shades. The DCI-P3 color space contains almost ninety-seven percent of the PG27UQ that most cinema hardware products use.

There are twenty-five percent more colors in the wide palette than the SRGB usual standards for your computer. With the high dynamic range of this product, there will be a large spectrum of contrast, color, and brightness than regular displays. The premier monitor that comes with UltraHD Premium certification and DisplayHDR 1000 certification is the PG27UQ.

ASUS ROG PG27UQ High-End Gaming Monitor Specs:

The ASUS ROG PG27UQ operates with the 8.3-megapixel resolution. This will help to make gamers enjoy everything about the monitor. If you want to engage in photo editing or casual surfing, monitors with at least 144hz refresh rate will help you to achieve the process and this just might be the perfect monitor for you. The product is also able to deliver 2.4 X update faster than the usual 60 Hz displays. This means that you will be able to access the screen of your system in an ephemeral of time.

With a cocktail, the product will be able to provide users with an amazing picture. The most glaring feature of this gaming monitor is the 4K resolution. With over 8,000,000 pixels, the monitor can resolute at 3840×2160. The PG27UQ is undoubtedly one of the best gaming monitor. It can deliver an excellent, crisp text without compromising the quality of the screen.

To maintain the 4K resolution for 144 FPS, the GPU power has been optimized to perform the task. This means that the performance of the monitor is real and effective. With the Nvidia G-Sync technology that operates in the product, you will be able to experience smoother performance. It helps to get rid of any fluctuations that may occur due to the lagging refresh rate.

The phenomenal picture, blazing refresh rate and high resolution of the monitor will help you enjoy your investment. It is versatile and entertaining to use as a gaming monitor. It is now official that you can now purchase this monitor online. For North American buyers, the product is around two thousand dollars for the first batch. One thing is clear with this product; you can bank on its performance, image quality, refresh rate and other amazing features.


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